The AMR slot’s pretty much useless. But there’s no harm in using it, if you’ve got it. The AX34 Pro II also uses four-way memory interleaving by default, if it’s got enough memory “sides” to do it some memory modules are single sided, some are double sided. Page 30 The driving capability of new generation chipset is limited due to the lack of a memory buffer to improve performance. Battery-less and Long Life Design

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Genuine AOPEN AX34 Pro II Socket 370 Motherboard Tested Working

Page 37 The specification of the IDE cable is a maximum of 46cm 18 inchesmake sure your cable does not exceed this length. For an IDE hard disk, we recommend that you use the “Auto” ki enter the drive specifications automatically The latter option actually makes no perceptible difference to system speed – qx34 it does is slightly reduce overall RAM latency, which for desktop tasks achieves three-fifths of nothing in particular.

And you may well have cause to do so. Page 56 Although we have implemented protection circuit try to prevent any human operating mistake, there is ax334 certain risk that CPU, memory, HDD, add-on cards installed on this motherboard may be damaged because of component failure, human operating error or unknown nature reason.

AMR modems are dirt cheap it’s now possible to buy them retail – only system integrators could get them at first but they’re all “host based modems” that need special drivers in order to work.

Interleaving makes RAM bandwidth look a lot more impressive in some benchmarks, but for desktop computer tasks makes no difference to speak of to actual system performance. Got it, continue to print. Wear a wrist ground strap and apen it to a metal part of the system unit before handling a component. Also in the box are the ATA 80 pin ribbon cable, a normal 40 pin ribbon ij, an extra set of USB ports more laterand the floppy ribbon cable.


It’s a built-for-speed overclockers’ board, designed to give you the best possible chance of getting your CPU running substantially faster aoepn the sticker says it should. AOpen also refer to this board in their press bumf as “Black Beauty”. Always observe the following precautions before you install a system component.

Target PC :: Aopen AX34 Pro II Socket Motherboard

Still, if you’re doing heavy duty 3D rendering or database serving or something else that needs scads of RAM, a four-slot motherboard’s a nice thing to have. There’s also the usual drivers-and-manual CD, that gives you the manual again in Adobe Acrobat format as well as the support software for the board, and a free copy of Norton AntiVirus v6.

The Aopenn slot’s pretty much useless. Overclockers also tend to have computers full of fans.

Battery-less and Long Life Design It clearly doesn’t add much to the price of the board. Overclocking The AX34 puts the big fat CPU power supply smoothing capacitors far enough oi from the processor socket that there should be room to mount the most outrageous of chip coolers. As i other Apollo Pro boards, the AX34 lets you run the memory clock at the same speed as the FSB the usual setting for other motherboardsor at 33MHz more or less.

Aoppen very attractive and does a lot to separate this board from the standard green PCBs that other manufacturers are still using. Ax344 southbridge chip on a motherboard, essentially, takes care of every function that the northbridge doesn’t – the IDE bus, USB, Plug and Play, the PCI to ISA bus bridge connection if there is onekeyboard and mouse control, power management and so on. Even with spread spectrum disabled, though, you only get 66, 75, 78, 81 and 83MHz settings below MHz, which means this board isn’t well suited to red-line Celeron overclocking.


AOpen AX34 Pro II Online Manual

Not only does AOpen include the normal manual which is very complete – they also throw in a quick start-up guide that folds out like a map. This doesn’t make a huge amount of difference, though; you don’t need to upgrade from Slot 1 just to use a newer Intel CPU.

Don’t show me this message again. If you don’t have any interest at all in souped-up computing, though, this isn’t the motherboard for you.

Higher voltage means more heat. Any attempts to push beyond product specification are not recommended and you are taking your own risk to damage io system or important data. Normal users are only likely to put a maximum of Mb of RAM on the board anyway, because they don’t want to pay the premium for bigger-thanMb memory modules.

But there’s no harm in using it, if you’ve got it.

The last light turns on when the POST is successful. Page The design of this product follows CPU and chipset vendor’s design guideline. Page 92 For an IDE hard disk, we recommend that you use the “Auto” to enter the drive specifications automatically To identify single-side or double-side DIMM, check golden aopej pin and pin