The Mic level and sensitivity are still blown out of proportion initially and you have to turn at least the Mic level all the way down to not get any feedback. Going to try it now, here’s to hoping it finally puts an end to our yearlong “hardship”. Saturday, January 30, 5: I also had a issue a while back with another powered usb headset a while back with quiet sound, until i plugged it into a powered hub, so i don’t think this is the first time a usb device has requested more power, possibly to act as a pre-amp for the headset since they pack larger drivers into them. My only issue is that I don’t feel like torturing my friends on Ventrilo or any other voip program. Shame the mic is really the only thing holding it back, but I use the mic for a lot of things as well as gaming.

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Sunday, September 13, 9: I upgraded my firmware and my sound just cut out.

Dynex DX-USBCRHB Manual

I think mine has all the above discussed faults combined into one headet. Good luck, hope it works for everyone: Saturday, September 5, 4: Sensitivity has to go low too. Infact the only thing razer i have that synex correctly is the mouse matt Last thing I could try is My computer is top spec. Used it 7 days now, and not a single problem with the sound.

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Thursday, August 20, 6: And Tuesday is payday, I’ll still pick up a new powered usb hub and test it out.

It will be interesting to see how auraofvengence gets on after trying a different hub. Saturday, September 12, 3: It’s the same everywhere.

Anyway, I doubt that has anything to do with it, but I just though I’d mention it. Anyone know how to fix these issues? Those are the only USB plugged into my computer anywhere. Its no wonder it crashes after a few mins of gameplay use. Thankfully for me it has. USB is a universal form of connection so a powered USB hub will only supply exactly the same voltage and current as the on board motherboard would. Monday, July 13, I try to follow the directions – but It never comes up with a menu to install drivers.

Hi guys I have come across something that may dyenx people with vista 64 and a realtek onboard sound. I plugged the megalodon into every port on my computer which I had at one point connected it and on my new Belkin 7-port hub. I dtnex with the current hub’s im testing one powered, one not that it was fixed since it lasted a few hours before anything happend.

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Friday, September 4, 4: Lol sorry for the long post, hope i helped But I will comment back here if it does fail as i am all too aware of how intermittent and random this problem has been for myself, having sometimes a day or 2 with no issue and other times having to fix every 10 mins.

Dynex 4 Port Usb 2 0 Hub Dx Thub16 Best Buy

Haven’t heard from them at all yet and they release this firmware literally a day and a half after my email. The mic static I had with the first pair is no longer there.

While connected to each one, I uninstalled and deleted the driver files.

UPS wanted something ridiculous to send a 4lbs. Yeah meow, your pretty much spot on. When my microphone works it sounds great. The only programs I’ve tried it with are Counter-Strike 1. The mic cutting problem would occur a few times each day, but that didn’t annoy me.