The Gulf did allow group 6 of course Posted 08 February – Originally posted by chinn Sorry make that a sixth 2. I had to remind him that Culceth was the other driver Name Email will not be published Website Comment or question.

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Posted 12 March – Then Buchanan-Michaelson sped off only to be nicked by the police for speeding! Originally posted by jarama Ian, Now there are ralpy of uphill bits between Sofia and the control at Sigale in the French Alps. Only asking as I can’t recall where I go the info it was David Benson!

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It did a few hundred yards and then stopped. So why the history speculation? We asked the Triumph service crews and others we knew to solve it, but no solution.

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Brian Moylan in “Works Rally Mechanic” refers to assisting “Roy Fidler’s privately-prepared Triumph” at their works service point at Titograd wrongly-fitted shock absorber protection plate. I tried very hard to find the cause of the problem.

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Jim Bullough

Only another 16, miles and 25 countries to go. Contact via “Ecurie Cod Fillet”? Further to my original post, here is an extract from the ECF Dec jum. So fast forward 30 years and a story about car number 1 turns up, the story is that it was seriously “rodded” with a live rear axle, huge drag strip V8 inserted and was frighteningly quick.

However, I repaired the engine and suspension onand fitted the new shell with the parts from in their entirety, replacing only damaged parts with their correct parts, only from BL Competition dept. That’s probably where I got the idea from.

Might be irelavant but thought i’d contribute from my knowledge of the in Posted 23 November – A minor suspension trouble meant a rush into Sofia, so we had to top up with Bulgarian petrol. On the flat — slow. Anyone got any views of it at all?

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Posted 14 March – I bought these, and a brand new works prepared shell, from BL directly, with the original intention of building one car. Although meant to come to me after the rally, due to the death of George Robinson, the people settling his estate sold it to a Peter Barker in Jersey. Community Forum Software by IP.

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Told some interesting stories of Mr B-M’s generosity on a night out when he and Benson were signed on to crew the car. Even finding the entry list is difficult.

The thread is all about the history of the Triumph 2. It failed to get to South America and was driven back from Nice I think with it’s rear suspension broken to get parked up at Abingdon. Now, the Marathon car came to Australia with two Traco F85 Oldsmobile V8 engines, so there must have been a Rover engine lying around somewhere.

This was purchased by a Mr George Ji, having been persuaded by Adrian Lloyd-Hirst, he, in turn, having been persuaded to make the pitch by my co-driver, Keith Baker. There could have been a few Repco engines around.

Must be the weather.