I might rejig the line-up a little bit and move away slightly from it being just vocals-two guitars-drums-bass because there’s a lot of keyboards on the last record so we’re a different entity really. H- Do you have any other music projects? Still, I suppose it’s better than having a New Romantic revival or something! Each session yielded five songs. He’s worked with some legendary guitarists.

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Mick Quinn – Wikipedia

I often meet up with him at gigs and stuff like that. This is your first full UK tour in two decades. We just walked on stage, said we would be playing the new album, played it and people didn’t leave. In the late 80’s he became interested in record production, renting and borrowing equipment to experiment with at home. Meredith Graves – Inte Brilliant tunes — tick. So when we did get back together Jez Hindmarsh rejoined the band, swervedrivfr when he left in Graham came back on board.

Mic hate that term. There are some bands that are pushing boundaries, but as with any scene, a lot that aren’t as well. But it did, and I guess now it’s quite common.


Nowadays it’s become an essential tool in getting your music across to a wider audience. There seems to be a psych fest popping up in every town. He’d rather be on that side of the stage than actually on it. M- Yeah DB band.

In Photos: Public Service Broadcastin…

Biff Hymenn, [1] Barry McQueen [2]. Time has passed so fast. M- Not a hell of a lot, to be honest. I don’t think Adi Vines, original bass player wanted to be in it anyway.

Carnivals of the Grotesque: Your email address will not be published. Our drummer’s from New York so we flew him over for a week before we did the album. Even back in the day I remember Pavement being from different parts swervddriver the States. I think a lot of bands attached to that scene aren’t really psychedelic.

We can’t come back with just one album. He’s a guitar tech and works with lots of touring bands all over the world. Does that create any problems when it comes to writing, recording and particularly rehearsing? Rowlf the Dog and the seven singer-so We had a few false starts before ‘Deep Wound’ came along. Day Ravies from Sydney are another band I quite like at the moment as well. The album has certain peaks and troughs so therefore the performance does as well.

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I know I gotta get a copy! He gave me some of his herbal tea which helped my voice massively.

Swervedriver’s long hiatus ends with new music

When we played Coachella you could see people who were there from back in the day stood alongside kids in their early twenties. And the first band I was ever in, Mick’s brother Simon, who lives in Melbourne, was the other guitar player. The first time we played electric guitar plugged into an amp was at Mick Quinn’s family’s house, in a little village outside Oxford.

Some of the more obscure b-sides the other guys didn’t really want to play.