Thank you so much for so generously sharing these pictures with the world. The phrase appears to have been used in the same sense as the designation of “Land’s End” at the tip of Cornwall. He didn’t even take our money. Polynesians were primarily farmers, not fishermen, and their diet consisted mainly of cultivated staples such as taro root, sweet potato, yams, cassava, and bananas. The clearance of the palms to make the settlements led to their extinction almost years ago. A carving was abandoned when a large, dense and hard lithic fragment was encountered.

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It was believed that the living had a symbiotic relationship with the dead in which the dead provided everything that the living needed health, fertility of land and animals, fortune etc. Archived from the original on 27 September At contact, populations were about 3, The eastern portion of the island belonged to the ‘Otu ‘Itu.

The god responsible for creating humans, Makemakeplayed an important role in this process. Archived from the original on 29 May Inthe Rapanui were colonized, and given Chilean citizenship. These were then covered with a layer of totora reed, followed by a layer of woven sugarcane leaves, and lastly a layer of woven grass.

Moai – Picture of Rano Raraku, Easter Island – TripAdvisor

Retrieved 23 June Trees are sparse, rarely forming natural grovesand it has been argued whether native Easter Islanders deforested the island in the process of erecting their statues, [73] and in providing sustenance for an overpopulated island.


Occasionally, heavy rainfall and rainstorms strike the island. Estimates of the pre-European population range from 7—17, Retrieved 16 March It could be aliens, people of Atlantis, or ancestors of the ancient Inca whose mysteries are also unsolved by modern science. Salmon sold the Brander Easter Island holdings to the Chilean government on 2 Januaryand signed as a witness to the cession of the island. The rainiest month is May, though the island experiences year-round rainfall.

The remains of palm stumps in different places indicate that humans caused the trees to fall because in large areas, the stumps were cut efficiently. Easter Island’s traditional language is Rapa Nuian Eastern Polynesian languagesharing some similarities with Hawaiian and Tahitian. Ahu Akivione of the few inland ahu, with the only moai facing the ocean.

Social control vanished as the ordered way of life gave way to lawlessness and predatory bands as the warrior class took over.

Easter Island

Archived from the original on Articles and topics related to Easter Island. Uma riqueza,uma preciosidade Obrigada pela oportunidade de ver esta maravilha com tamanha riqueza de detalhes.


The sweet potato was a favoured crop found among Polynesian society for generations. Ora non faccio altro che guardare AIRPANO e le sue meraviglie cercando mowi convincere tutti quelli che conosco a esplorare i suoi tesori. The Statues that Walked: Rapa Nui people showed moving devices that they made of wood and rocks.

In early times the people of Rapa Nui reportedly sent the dead out to sea in small funerary canoes, as did their Polynesian counterparts on other islands. At first, the native tropical forests provided ideal shade cover mai soil. It is supposed [] that the 2. Ahu are stone platforms.

Ahu Tongariki, Ilha de Páscoa, fevereiro 2009 – Picture of Easter Island, Chile

I would love to go there, but since that is impossible your photography is the next best thing. At first, Kawa was very suspicious of our radio-controlled helicopter, but after few launches he got excited just like mowi were and helped us in any way he could. Wonderful – when we wil be able to really discover what happen at the Easter Islands? Gopi Krishna Pocham, India.