Overall, video-out is a handy feature, and one that we’d rather have than do without. A few units provide one or two fixed focus points as a manual override, but few offer the range of manual focus adjustment that the QVSX does. We say “in some fashion” because there are two ways in which manufacturers “fill” the file: PhotoDeluxe includes the greatest number of “guided activities,” and the most fonts and project templates, while Ixlaphoto includes “album” organization capabilities, tools for business presentations, and the ability to create simple web pages. These times were measured on a laptop with a MHz Pentium processor:

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Overall, our opinion on digital zoom techniques is that they can be a genuine convenience for some applications, but they in no way take the place of a true optical zoom lens.

Other innovative functions retained from the QV include in-camera panorama stitching, and the ability to capture high-contrast images and apply them to other shots as titles. Like the QV, panoramas can only be shot in the horizontal “landscape” orientation. It would be nice if finer focus adjustments were available, as we’re concerned that the camera’s depth of field at maximum aperture may be smaller than distance between adjacent focus steps. On the other hand, we didn’t see much point in the 4x zoom which interpolates the central x portion of the CCD up to a x imageas the resulting images were so soft and lacking in detail.

Resolution measured-out at roughly line pairs per picture height in both horizontal and vertical directions, with slight color aliasing for parallel lines at high frequencies. The QV-Link software is quite straightforward in its operation, and versions for both Mac and PC platforms ship with the camera. See terms – opens in a new window or tab.

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We say “in some fashion” because there are two ways in which manufacturers “fill” the file: Surprisingly, we found that the automatic white balance produced a more neutral tone than the “tungsten” manual setting on our indoor-portrait test subject, which did contain large areas of pure white, in the model’s shirt. All these basic applications allow full control over uploading and downloading to or from the camera, and are all you really need to get images into or out of the QVSX.

The EV compensation resets to zero after each shot. We found we could avoid or minimize this in any of three ways: People who viewed this item also viewed. Pressing the shutter button again begins a slow-motion pan back and forth across the breadth of the panorama, which can be paused with another actuation of the shutter button.

Digital Image Scanners – Minolta Dimage Scan Dual Test Images

Exceptional low-light performance has long been a hallmark of Casio digital cameras. This is very useful for focusing on off-center subjects. Also, various manufacturers are implementing “digital zoom” in different ways, adding to the confusion. From there, it’s easy to select multiple images for download, and qv5000ex transfer all the selected shots in a single download. This last is casko feature missing from many top-end digital cameras, and particularly welcome when shooting under dim conditions.

Refer to that page for a more in-depth analysis of the test results. We say “simulates,” because the end result is not the same, and it’s important to understand the difference.

Using the self-timer with such a tripod gives vibrations time to die down before the shutter trips, contributing to sharper pictures.

Casio Agfa Digital Camera Casio. The comments here are a summary of our more detailed analysis on the “Pictures” page for the QVSX: When you return to normal single-image viewing mode by pressing the shutter button, the image that was in the upper left-hand corner of the screen is displayed at full size.

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The LCD screen provides a preview of the adjusted exposure, but you really need to take the picture itself to know what the final effect will be. The QV also includes a flash, which now appears to be a standard feature on Casio’s cameras. The QVSX’s optical viewfinder is a fixed-view design, but includes framing marks for both normal and macro shooting.

Casio QV-5000SX

Look around the horizontal slats of the louver in the central gable to see if the artifact is visible, or at what image size it becomes so. Flash The built-in automatic flash has a specified working range of 2.

In the QVSX though, a clever panorama display mode caeio a slice of the image from the right-hand side of the previous frame, and moves it over to the left-hand side as an aid to alignment. Many third- or fourth-generation digital cameras such as the QVSX are allowing much longer exposure qv500sx than were possible with earlier devices. We say that this is a welcome feature because most digital cameras with autofocus lens systems have difficulty focusing in very dimly-lit conditions.

Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature. The image manipulation and titling capability is clearly directed toward those who would use the camera’s video-out capability see casik for presentations driven directly from the camera.