Try using the other DVI port, revert to your original generic driver first. Leopardi , Mar 4, Which is pretty much only useful for gaming. Ok, I played with my current monitor Lx some and it does have the option to do 75hz, but only at x Not quite sure what happened but since upgrading to Win 7 Pro, switching to a 76Hz driver and then switching back to default Win 7 driver after a reboot. Worked out how to do this with eyefinity using a modified monitor driver to only allow x and 76Hz. Jun 4, 5.

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Have a search over at [H], should give you some pointers. Now I click test, screen goes black for a second it comes back, the option “click yes to keep settings” pops up. Oct 15, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

The monitor degraded its performance and started having some stability issues. Remember to click apply after you check allow modes not exposed by this display. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


Many games have flags that you can send when starting it. Congrats to the Winners! Would I notice edll big difference at 75hz if I’m just using it for surfing and watching videos?

2209WA 75hz Refresh?

It’ll also look a lot smoother if you just want a the graphics, as you can run the game with Vsync on at 75fps instead of 60fps. For those running ATI, itll work for sure. Try using the other DVI port, revert to your original generic driver first.

The layout of the control panel has changed slightly since I last updated it had probably been a solid 2 or 3 months since my update.

Results 1 to 22 of May 17, Look for the “x 75hz”, just like this picture: Basically read nd4spdbh2’s posts- some posts in this link are misleading. But I can’t seem to get refreshlock to work.

I did this wrong the first time. I did thsi for my LG monitor and noticed the image became way more stable, and more comfortable. Managed to get the black levels and such a bit more correct. Well today I updated my drivers as 75hs had been a little while since I had done so.


Look at reviews for a more realistic assessment.

75hz locked? dell wa – Hardware Canucks

Feb 11, at Instead of the whole monitor refreshing like CRTs, it’s how often the monitor 2029wa the pixels to change. Please note that this fix is only for the Dell WA monitor.

sell KoslovOct 14, Can the WA run at 3x75hz if you use 3 in eyefinity? Grab powerstrip and input the same timings as seen on the Nvidia’s control panel. No, create an account now. Jan 17, at 1: Thanks for consolidating this information.

I think it has less trial restrictions than the newer one you get off their site. Note that in order to be even put on the “unconfirmed” list, you need to confirm on your monitor’s OSD that it is running at the specified increased framerate.