Use two virtual cables. Set your notation software to use the same device for Midi output. Here is how it is done in NoteWorthyComposer:. When you use Bounce Metronome with other midi programs such as software synths, notation software and sequencers, you need some way to connect the programs together via midi. SoundApp can play and convert sound files from a variety of computer platforms and in many different formats.

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SoundApp can play and convert sound files from a variety of computer platforms and in many different formats. Bounce Metronome is no longer supported on earlier operating systems. In fact, it doesn’t matter where your music files are on your system, even if they are scattered all over the place, TSM will keep track of them 4U!

Percussa Manuals: Configure Virtual MIDI Ports

A virtual wavetable synth. Ignore the pictorial instructions for XP. But Midi Yoke NT works fine on them.

MidiPlus has a CD-player-like interface, complete with digital timer and various repeat options. The result of the transformation is either simulation of a live musician playing a real instrument, or attaining a new unreal, but very interesting from a musical point of viewcharacter to the performance. MID over the Internet. Shareware with Free Demo. Join one to the other with a midi cable and select the appropriate devices in the midi software – that’s called a loopback cable.


If this seems counter intuitive – think of it as like connecting the out of your midi keyboard to the In of your computer using a hardware cable. It is also okay to install several of these programs on the same computer, e. If you don’t have one of the Sound Blasters listed above or a sound card that doesn’t support sound fonts, then this player acts like a common hibi player. Scan one directory, or an entire hard drive for music files. If you create your own midi sequences these tools can add that “human” touch of expression and nuance sometimes lost with quantization.

Hubi’s Midi LoopBack

Virtual midi cable From Bounce Metronome. Records can be automatically updated, and new ones added. In Open mode it works like the Windows Media Player, opening and playing one file at a time.

Also allows you to transform mixi midi file to a totaly new one with deharmonizer and reharmonizer effects and add auto-bass in realtime.

Virtual midi cable

Loopbe1 is very easy to install and use. Contents 1 See Also 2 Intro 3 Software midi cables – how to use them 3. LoopBe1 has that option too in the paid for version of the program. An excellent choice for Vista or XP would be Loopbe1.

Here is how it is done in NoteWorthyComposer:. Features effects such as echo, delay, loop in live i.

Set your notation software to use the same device for Midi output. Choose the other virtual cable as the Out device uubi FTS and the In device in the soft synth or sampler.


AudioCubes HOWTO: Configuring Virtual MIDI Ports

It has many features such as volume control, easily save MIDI files while they’re playing, supports streaming midi it also allows you to select your MIDI playback device without opening your multimedia control panel it has JavaScript Support and many other features. Professional musicians are amazed by its midu rhythm capabilities Or, get your free download Free day trial Free taster bounce metronome, yours to keep Or, find out more: Essential if you want to run multiple synchronized MIDI applications on the same computer.

Simlarly – you connect the Out of the sending software to the In of the receiving software, using a software cable, or virtual midi cable. Just follow through the instructions one step at at time and you can’t go wrong – they have step by step instructions for all the Windows operating systems with screen shots of every stage on the web site.

Loopbe1 and other programs of its type imitate the hardware approach in software. More Recent changes Random page. Many new software midi cables have been developed since then.