Only one item should be listed, representing both the application and the driver. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Status of the operation. This is called when a request has been made to unload the filter. Services sections of your INF file, you should do the following:. However, for an IRP-based operation, a minifilter driver’s preoperation callback routine can be called in the context of a system worker thread if a higher filter or minifilter driver pends the operation for processing by the worker thread. When that minifilter driver finishes processing the operation, it returns the operation to the filter manager, which then passes the operation to the next-highest minifilter driver, and so on.

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Minifilter drivers are not required to register a FilterUnloadCallback routine. The first, Driveris the driver object pointer that the minifilter driver received as the DriverObject input parameter to its DriverEntry routine. This, effectively uses setupapi. The minispy minifilter comes with an INF file that will install the minifilter. There are no open issues. Every preoperation callback routine is defined as follows: A preoperation callback routine is similar to a dispatch routine in the legacy filter driver model.

minispy Minifilter Sample

The filter manager adds the rundown reference when the minifilter driver calls FltQueueGenericWorkItem and removes it when the minifilter driver’s work routine returns. The minifilter driver’s FilterUnloadCallback routine is not called.


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To me, your question appears to be instsll topic because it relates to installing an existing piece of software and it isn’t about a problem with code that you’re writing; also, the “code” you included appears to be a configuration file.

I started a new empty kernel driver project in VS, and compiled the driver and test signed it.

File System Minifilter Drivers

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The community isn’t voting to close it here either, and once again that’s for the community to decide and not u. The following list includes examples of global cleanup tasks that a minifilter driver might perform: The DriverEntry routine performs global initialization, registers the minifilter driver, and initiates filtering.

The DriverEntry routine is called when the minifilter driver is loaded.

When setting the callback data structure’s IoStatus. There were many changes that needed to be made to the.

windows – Installing file system minifilter from INF launched from debug – Stack Overflow

If the build succeeds, the driver, minispy. If the setup application installs a user-mode application with the driver, this application should be listed in Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel so that the user can uninstall it if desired. Initiate filtering by calling FltStartFiltering. This routine is called when a driver first loads. Implementation and Design You should use this sample if you are developing a minifilter.


I am working on my first file system mini-filter. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

I’m trying to get the minispy minifilter from Microsoft to install and function properly. Calling FltUnregisterFilter causes the following things to happen: Postoperation callback routines are similar to the completion routines that are used in legacy file system filter drivers.

If there are outstanding rundown references on the minifilter driver’s opaque filter pointer, FltUnregisterFilter enters a wait state until they are removed.

So you have your driver running, great.

Anyway, you need to understand that just because you see debug output from DriverEntry doesn’t mean that the filter driver is attached to any volumes. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.