After all, the software is doing the work for us. This might mean hooping and sewing 15 times. This is the two page template of the two page layout: For all other designs, we must OPEN them into the software. If you refer to the template pages above, you can see that the 15 separate embroidery designs have been combined into six hoopings.

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Lettering can be combined with embroidery designs to minimize hoopings. Support Register Warranty Contact Us.

Many of the lessons under the EasyImport category show how to use this program to create embroidery designs. They may have gotten to you in different ways:. Through its three programs, you can:.


This feature jjanome you to do additional modification to the design, such as changing thread colors and fill patterns, rotating, flipping, and resizing.

The Software Update page also has updates for your Janome embroidery software. EasyEdit has the ability to print templates for any. There is a lettering capability in the EasyGigaHoop program to allow you to add lettering to your arrangements. You detach the removable clamp from the bracket at the 1 position and reattach it to the bracket at the 2 position.

Not only does an on-board computer give you sophisticated functions like embroidery, but you can improve your machine by updating its operating system. By laying it on your fabric, you can rotate the template any way you want it, even on an angle. A crosshair is printed on the template indicating the center and orientation of the design. We can mark the project fabric matching the crosshairs, and use the Clothsetter to place the embroidery where we want it, just as we placed it on our creative layout screen.


And the downloads are free on the Janome. A bit of tape or a pin holds it in place.


The fonts can be arced, rotated, sew across the width of the hoop or the length of the hoop, and can be generated in any thread color. But you can with your Memory Craft embroidery machine. If you refer to the template pages above, you can see that the 15 separate embroidery designs have been combined into six hoopings.

We want clean, uncomplicated graphics because the digitizing you will be doing is called auto-digitizing, and auto-digitizing requires these types of graphic images. After you print the layout, the sheets are taped together to create the large layout.

Is your Memory Rigitizer running the latest software update? Using a template helps you position where you want the embroidery to sew, which is why Janome embroidery designs include pre-printed templates. Janome is the only company that has it!


That is the length limit for the cable. Embroidery designs for the GigaHoop are actually two B hoop-sized designs that overlap so they appear to be one very large design.

You may have just digitized it You may have downloaded it from an embroidery web site and saved it on your computer media You may have purchased it in a collection of designs on jsnome cd-rom or floppy disk No matter how you acquired the designs, they must show on the right side of your screen in order to be transferred to the Jznome Craft. They may have gotten to you in different ways: Your Memory Craft needs these instructions in a.


EasyEdit allows you to combine designs together so they can sew in one hooping. After all, the software is doing the work for us. That’s how the program got its name.

To create arrangements to sew in the GigaHoop. The three programs that comprise Customizer Plus are: To digitize designs To transfer designs from your computer to your Memory Craft To convert.