Plugin your PS3 controller to your USB port, and you should see a small icon on your system tray, showing you that Windows is installing drivers for your controller. Click on the Run Driver Installer button after the installation. After setup, you can use the controller in any game just as you would an official Microsoft controller. Before we begin, head over to MotionInJoy website to install the required drivers for Windows. And— as seen with MotioninJoy— services are constantly changing. Make sure that the boxes beside Bluetooth Driver for Bluetooth configuration and Configure Service are checked before clicking on the Install button. Not that I am really complaining, DS3 Tool is a free app the fills a much needed gap in the market.

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How to Use A PS3 Controller on PC? Safe and Easy Steps

The installer comes for both x86 bit operating system and x64 bit operating systemso make sure you download the right installer for your system. You may have also heard wkreless MotioninJoya 3rd party software that lets you connect your PS3 controller to your PC.

Feel free to share your experience with MotionInJoy with the other fellow readers in the comments section. Steam The ultimate games platform from Valve. Open your Bluetooth and Other Devices settings and click on Device and printers under the Related Settings section located at the right to identify the USB dongle you want to connect your PS3 controller to. While this was a go-to method in the past, the interface has since changed and is now loaded with spam and possibly viruses, too!


Open the pasted bin folder, right click on ScpDriver application and run it as Administrator. Functional control software for console controller There may be interface issues, and some annoying banner ads, but DS3 Tool runs smoothly wirelrss allows those who prefer PlayStation 3 controllers to use them on their PC with ease.

Keep in mind that pop-ups and audio cues may show up after the installation. I used a black SONY controller. You can also use your PS3 controller on Steam games as long as the game supports console controllers. Free Download for Windows. The Best Bare Bones Computer in Before anything else, make sure your PS3 is disconnected because if you eireless the PS button, it will connect with and turn on the PS3, thus not letting you connect it to your PC.

Nice tool with very bad seting’s and very not optimized. Functional control software for console controller. With nothing really holding it together, you get the sense that every time the developer thought of something they wanted to add they just put it in without a second thought towards usability.

How to Use PS3 Controller on PC? Safe and Easy Steps

PC vs Console Gaming: Click on Install after confirming the devices you will be using. No thanks Submit review.

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Final Words Whether or not you prefer using a console controller for gaming is totally subjective. Blocking it with my firewall stopped this though. It works well but it launches a random sh.

Install now the new Firefox. You can now use your PS3 controller to play games that natively support console controllers! Because of this, we highly recommend you avoid MotioninJoy at all costs and stick with the 2 methods mentioned. A quick click on this should see the motioninjooy vibrate – confirming everything is work order. Click on the Run Driver Installer button after the installation. October 26, at 9: The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. If your controller is vibrating, this means that your PS3 controller is now connected to your Bluetooth.

It supports a connection through both USB and Bluetooth, and allows up to four gamepads to be connected. From here out all we will be using is the latest version folder. This will install drivers that are already pre-installed jotioninjoy Windows 8 and Open the control panel from the Start menu, then open Device and printers.

You will also need to enable Bluetooth: Essentially, there are 2 ways to do this: